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Kerala Tourism

Kerala is immensely blessed by nature with beautiful beaches, rivers; palm fringed backwaters, hills, wildlife sanctuaries, forts, palaces, monuments and much more. It's an exotic land characterized by warm and hospitable people, enticing landscape with greenery all around, vivid art and culture, making it a tourist haven.
Its culture is formed of a fraternity of religions, and is characterized with high literacy, variety of agriculture and mixed life style of city & village.
There are a plenty of holiday option including the magnificent beach resorts where one can surf, swim, scuba dive or get attuned to the natural way of living with yoga and meditation.
The captivating high range like Munnar, Peeramedu, Wyand and Ponmudi makes for a pleasant stay with its picturesque beauty and the fine climate.
The forests of Kerala are a rich resource of many wild life species including Indian elephants, spotted deer, and the Sambar in particular along with different species of rare birds.
The backwaters of Kerala are serene and breathtaking. The long stretch of water canals gives it the name: " Venice of the East".
There has been a great increase in the influx of international and domestic tourist to the state to experience the many facts of the land, in the recent years. The demand for health resorts, theme holidays and tour packages are on a rise.

Places to visit

Sea Food and Marine Products

Kerala contributes nearly half of India's marine fish landing of 2,50,000 tons sardines, shrimps, lobster, cuttlefish, squid, tuna and so on, which have very high demand in the overseas markets are available in abundance. Ongoing technology up gradation in the export-oriented marine product sector points to greater growth in the immediate future.

Recommended Investment Options:                                           

  1. Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Marine Products
  2. Freeze Dried Marine Products
  3. Shrimp/Crab Extracts
  4. Shrimp/Fish Feeds
  5. Shrimp Feed Ingredients
  6. Sushi Shrimp.

Spices and Spice Extracts

Kerala is a land of spices considering the large variety of spices grown in the state.

Today there are as many as 26 Indian spices that are greatly in demand in different countries. Apart from flavouring food and beverages, they are increasingly used in the manufacture of spice mixtures, oils, oleoresins, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and aromatics. Little wonder then that India is the single largest source of spices in the world.
The most popular among the spices are pepper, cardamom, turmeric, chillies and ginger. Pepper, known as the 'King of Spices' is perhaps the world's oldest known spice and is cultivated in over 158,000 hectares in Kerala, which accounts for 96 % of the total production in the country.
There are a lot of opportunities for investors in the spice sector and Spices Board, the caretaker of the sector in India is based in the state.

Herbal Products, Ayurveda treatment & Health Tourism.

Kerala had mastered the art of curing through Ayurveda (The traditional medical science) many years ago. Ayurveda is gaining popularity world over and with it a hoard of herbal products.
The world is turning towards nature and the market for herbal products is increasing. Kerala grows many herbs needed for their manufacture.


Textiles and Garments

Textile sector comprising of spinning and handloom is the single largest industry group in Kerala. The textile-processing complex at Kanjikode, the International Apparel Park at Trivandrum and the Industrial Export Park at Cochin offer walk-in-and-manufacture environments.

Recommended Investment Options:

 1. Cotton Yarn
 2. Fabrics
 3. Garments, including Knitted Garments.

Rubber Processing

With a total area of 3.84 lakh hectares under rubber cultivation and an annual production of 3.70 lakh tonnes, Kerala produces over 90% of India 's natural rubber. The existence of a sound network of intermediate rubber units engaged in rubber compounding, crumb rubber manufacture etc., and facilitates favourable investment in this sector.

Recommended Investment Options:
     1. Tyres and Tubes
     2. Conveyor Belts
     3. Foam Rubber Products
     4. Fibre Foam Products
     5. Latex Dipped products
     6. Radial Tyres
     7. Condoms
     8. Speciality Hoses


The upsurge in global prices has catalyzed investments in this sector. The Cochin Refineries Ltd, a highly profitable enterprise, with the capacity of 7 million tonnes provides feedstock for several downstream projects. Additionally, a large chemical terminal is being set up at Cochin to make imported feedstock available.

Recommended Investment Options:

 1. Xylene extraction and Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA)
 2. Polychloroprene
 3. Phthalic Anhydride
 4. Adipic Acid
 5. Nylon Tyre Cord
 6. Iso-Butyl Benzene
 7. Nitro Compunds of Benzene

Minerals and Clay based Products

Kerala has beach sands containing the richest concentration of Limonite, Rutile Zircon, Monazite and Sillimanite in the world. With substantial quantities of Silica/ Quartz , China Clay, Ball Clay and Fire Clay, apart from Graphite and Granite, offering tremendous scope for the manufacture of minerals and clay-based products.

Recommended Investment Options:

 1. Titanium
 2. Bone Chinaware
 3. Sanitaryware
 4. Glazed Wall and Floor Tiles
 5. HT Insulators
 6. Sheet Glass
 7. Glass Shells and Tubes
 8. Fibre Glass
 9. Zeolite
 10. Cutting and Polishing of Granite.

Light Engineering

 1. Cutlery
 2. Scissors
 3. Industrial Link Chains
 4. Pressure Die Castings
 5. Automobile Coil Springs
 6. Etched and Formed Aluminium Foils
 7. Precision Diameter Tubes
 8. Gear Boxe
 9. Airscrew Compressors and High Vacuum Pumps
 10. Machine Tool Accessories
 11. Pollution Control Equipment
 12. Double Walled Tubes
 13. Bicycles.


A first of its kind, self-contained Electronics Technology Park , Technopark at Trivandrum , the capital of Kerala is fast attracting electronic manufacturers worldwide - especially with a 30% annual growth in internal demand for electronic goods.

Recommended Investment Options:

 1. Computers and peripherals
 2. Industrial and Process Control Equipment
 3. Automotive and Medical Electronics
 4.Telecommunications and Fibre Optic Terminal Equipment
 5. Surveillance and Security Systems
 6. Banking Automation
 7. Consumer Electronic Products
 8. ASIC Design
 9. Fabrications and Packaging
 10. Chip/Ceramic Components
 11. Hybrid Micro Circuits.

Computer Software

The state realizes the significance and potential of this sector in the economic development and facilitates the creation of a sound IT production base through conscious efforts and policy initiatives.
Human resource endowments along with an extremely cost effective production environment make the State an attractive base for offshore software development.
The support services Techno park offers include a dedicated, online Satellite Earth Station. The Software Training and Development Centre in Trivandrum also provides access to an IBM ES 9000 Mainframe Computer.

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