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Looking Tour branches and Tour Franchisee for operating Kerala Tours & Travels in all major Cities in India & abroad, We are looking fresh graduates, unemployed, retired persons, part time employee for this project, can contact in Kerala, C. E. O Mr.Switen George.. Mob: 0091 98473 25 0 26

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Grant Jepson,42, British National, I have 25 years experience in the boat building and marine engineering,12 years at Sun seeker, Poole, England. I came as a tourist in kerala on 2002 and traveled in a houseboat at Alleppey,it was truly a beautiful experience, it must be preserved (protected). I did some research on houseboats and met with the Director and Secretary to Govt' Tourism Dpt To my delight they told me about the new classification scheme for houseboats, after that meeting I had a key Interest to build the Greenpalmhouseboat in Alleppey, according the State Government's criteria (requirements).

"The houseboat holidays of Kerala are becoming increasingly popular with domestic as well as international tourists. Consequently the numbers of houseboats plying the backwaters of Kerala have increased dramatically. So much so that there is an urgent need to evaluate the safety and service standards of houseboats and classify them accordingly. This will be the First steps towards sustaining this unique tourism product"* Govt.Kerala

Greenpalmhouseboat is a unique houseboat, almost 100% pollution free.....My dream is to (show) give some ideas to the people on how to build a houseboat that is totally eco -friendly and look forward to a green and pleasant future in the backwaters.

About Project
The State Department of Tourism Kerala has introduced a classification scheme to address this matter, the 3 different classifications are,

  • Silver Star
  • Gold Star
  • Green Star

Houseboats satisfying the essential conditions and adhering to eco-friendly measures prescribed by the Department of tourism will be awarded the Green Palm Certificate, this is the top classification awarded by the Department of tourism, for eco-friendly houseboats.

The classifications will be awarded upon inspection from the tourism Dpt, depending on criteria.

Greenpalmhouseboat is a non Government funded project- supported by the Secretary and Director to State Government Kerala - Tourism Dpt.

Greenpalmhouseboat is looking at constructing and runing a houseboat using - ECO -environment friendly systems on board.

There are four main areas to develop:-- Environment - Energy - Water - Propulsion

Environment :-Environment technology - Water pollution control - Noise pollution control -Waste management - Effluent treatments - Recycling technology. 
:-Solar energy - Renewable energy - Alternative energy (wind) - Energy conservation - Heat recovery.
:- Water conservation - Water treatment - Filtration & Purification - Pumps ,Valves & Fittings - Instrumentations & controls -Waste water & Sewage treatments - Bio chemical systems.
:- Inboard 120 volt DC motor –controler- battery – solar panel. Water tight / sound proof engine room.

Greenpalmhouseboat will release information -after trials -so houseboat builders and owners can look at what systems are best for them to install on there boats to attain a Government approved houseboat classification.

Greenpalmhouseboat is not suggesting that the traditional way of boat building or materials used should change, these skilled tradesmen have handed down there knowledge through many generations. The projects aim is to make available information about what can be done after the construction of hull to help the environment.   

Project specifications
The hull is 80-Foot (24 meter) length X 15-foot (4.2 meter ) width.
Construction is fibre (FRP) using European technology with high-grade resins.1 kitchen – 2 double bedrooms with bathrooms on suite – 1 staff toilet shower.The boat is now on the water and the sewage treatment plant and fresh water tanks are being installed.

1 kitchen - 2 double bedrooms with bathrooms on suite - 1 staff toilet shower. The boat is now on the water and the sewage treatment plant and fresh water plant are installed, the sewage treatment plant will be endorsed by the PCB (pollution control board) Kerala.

The boat will be launched May 2006,and will be at the KTM (Kerala Travel Mart September2006)and IIBS (Indian International Boat Show October 2006).  

The sustainability of eco-tourism and the promotion of green palm is the most important factor of the entire project. Less fuel/running cost, no oil or diesel contamination into the backwaters, no untreated sewage into the backwater, reduction in noise pollution.
Dream for a green and pleasure future in the Alleppey backwater and save the backwater for the new (next) generation

R&D / Development
Greenpalmhouseboat has a dream that soon all houseboats will be seen BUT not heard.

A scientist friend of mine from Bangalore has built a catamaran using a conventional aircraft wing as the sail and two regenerative 48 volt DC motors 8 x 2 HP, it is a fantastic project that he is building.

Greenpalmhouseboat has found two of the same motors in Kerala (i am in God own country and he has delivered them to me)I have calculated the boat size on that motor,38 feet/ 9.

The houseboat can run from solar panel / battery / 48 volt DC motor permanent magnetic, regenerative.

This houseboat will run from the sun - including the solar hot water system (pressurized),lights and fan, aerobic sewage treatment plant, the propulsion system a 15 HP inboard 48 volt DC motor.

Greenpalmhouseboat is looking for a investor interested in this kind of project.

Greenpalmhouseboat is happy to take any inquiry/order/consulting, related to eco houseboats / construction,

Greenpalmhouseboat is Working today for a cleaner tomorrow.

Mr.Switen George
Mob:0091 94460 81000 (24 hrs)
Green Palm Eco Marine Project
C/o.Coco Houseboats
Kariyil Chira Buldgs.,
Near Nehru Trophy Finishing Point
Rajeev Boat Jetty, Thathampally Post,
Alleppey-688 013, Kerala State, South India.
Tel:0091 477 223 9904, Fax: 0091 477 223 9903

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